December 21, 2023

Winter has, for me, always been the hardest season. I suspect that is true for many people. The harshness of the landscape, its bitter coldness, and its perpetual darkness is hard on the spirit. There is another way of looking at it though. We can lean in and embrace its solemnity and welcome it for what it is, an opening to understanding the darker natures of ourselves.

Of course, for many others winter is a time of celebration and beauty. It means rest. It means community. And it’s the juxtaposition of these two extremes that creates surprise. This issue’s featured art piece captures that well with its jovial spirit, its playfulness and carnality. As the artist Keira Norton explains, there’s as much of a danger as there is a devilish delight that comes from carnal pleasure. I think you’ll see a little of both of those extremes in all these pieces.

This is a fun and playful set that at times can turn and bear its fangs in a flash. It’s precisely that give and take, the teasing of it all, the pleasure and the hurt, that gives it its shape.

Indulge, but beware. Things this tender sometimes bite.

Playlist here.
Visual Art
Keira Norton
Yuan Changming
Siobhan Tebbs
A Sudden Wind
A Buckle of Steel
Christophe Riesco
The Little Cunt
Wess Mongo Jolley
Black Granite
The Weight
The Taste of the Living Ocean
Mark (Winter, 1978)
b.h. fein
My Wife’s Daughter
Michaela Brady
Mint Choloclate Chip
Mickie Kennedy
Boys Being Boys
Hallmark Hubby