The Sun
June 20, 2024

The Sun, the 19th card of the tarot’s major arcana, often symbolizes the full expression of the self. In classic hermetic qabalah, it corresponds with the sixth sefira on the Tree of Life, Tiferet, located directly center on the middle pillar. This is the meeting place of the earthly, the mundane, with the divine. This is the greatest expression of ourselves without inhibition. In some ways, it represents the deepest awareness of our desires, our wants and needs, our most animalistic selves. Yet, it’s also discipline and submission. It’s master and slave. It’s the hand striking out with the whip and the teeth gritting against a rubber gag.

It doesn’t deny any part of our selves but instead cries out with an orgiastic yes! Yes! Yes!

This year’s themes were chosen to correspond with the four changing seasons as well as four aspects of the human condition. For us, the sun is the absolute symbol of unadulterated freedom. It is the ego unshackled from itself. It’s our bodies entwined in a carnal dance with our spirit. It’s heat and sweat and musk. It’s our toes in the earth while the sun lashes punishment against bare flesh. This issue is therefore our call to shed the masks of winter and step fully into the most honest expression of ourselves. So, come with us. Let us dance naked together in the heat of the sun.

This issue’s playlist can be found here.
Visual Art
Mina Banicevic
End of melody (erotica is dead)
Irina Tall Novikova
Isabel Colorado
The Actor (everything else can wait)
Pacific Palisades, 12:18 am, every once in a while
Genevieve Greinetz
To Metabolize a Man
Otherwise Masturbation.
Florence Howarth
impossibilities (day 26)
plage privée
Gio Clairval
Paris, Hôtel de Biron
Caleb Cloaca
Poorly Drawn Bouquet
Rye Jaffe
In Heat
Creative Non-Fiction
Roy Gray
The Joys of Technology